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Quantum Gardens
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Trendsetting Urban Development

Quantum Gardens is a Live-Work-Play quantum and AI technology centric community developed by the OZEAN Group. When complete Quantum Gardens will encompass more than 140k mt2 of state of the art residential, office and retail space in the municipality of Ehningen within the state of Baden Württemberg and adjacent to IBM’s new German Headquarters and Europe’s first commercial and integrated quantum computer system.

With one of the world’s most innovative technology companies as a neighbor, and Europe’s fastest computer on the doorstep, this campus is a step forward into a quantum-led future.

Pioneering urban development

Experts from the Fraunhofer IAO who specialize in the development of modern urban systems have created a strategic vision, requirements and scientific support for an international urban planning competition to design the high-level concept for Quantum Gardens. Results of this competition are expected in early spring 2023.

Quantum Gardens will be developed under innovative urban planning standards to create a high-quality, sustainable, future-oriented, open, and climate-friendly quarter. Focus will be put on developing a community for Live-Work-Play with new concepts for mobility, sustainability, infrastructure, and seamlessly combining urban, ecological and architectural concepts into a welcoming and accessible environment. Special attention will be paid to meeting the needs of the local community in Ehningen, streamlining connectivity and access between Quantum Gardens and the Ehningen town center.

Project progress


Land purchase


Location and market analysis


Vision development by Fraunhofer IAO


Presentation of the guiding vision and approval in public municipal council meeting. Path cleared for international urban design competition.


Appointment of Reschl Stadtentwicklung as external urban design competition supervisor


Presentation of the specification book and approval in public municipal council meeting


Development of Q.AX starts


Announcement of the international urban design competition Quantum Gardens Ehningen


Colloquium on the urban design competition for participating offices


Q.AX wins third place in the “Creative Spaces Award of the Stuttgart region“


Judging session of the urban design competition


Opening of Q.AX

Ab 5/23

Development plan procedure

Explore the potential of
AI and Quantum Computing

Q.AX – Quantum & AI Experience Center

The Q.AX or Quantum & AI Experience Center is the first of many milestones for the Quantum Gardens project. OZEAN Group, with the help of Fraunhofer IAO, has designed the Q.AX to serve as an entry point for industry and the public into the groundbreaking novel technology of Quantum Computing.

Hands-on interactive demonstrators and games will make the fundamentals of quantum computing accessible to the public. From laser experiments, explaining superposition and entanglement to (NV) nitrogen vacancy center and quantum software applications – Q.AX  sheds light on what impacts Quantum Computing will have on our lives including in various industries such as logistics, manufacturing, engineering and communications.

Visitors to the Q.AX will gain a comprehensive insight into the current state-of-the-art, and the Quantum technology ecosystem in Baden Württemberg. Other features of the Q.AX include an auditorium for conferences, meeting rooms and co-working spaces.

Q.AX will also serve as a central meeting place for our Quantum Ecosystem partners at IBM, Fraunhofer IAO, Baden Württemberg, the municipality of Ehningen and many leading companies and universities.

Q.AX is a place where you can experience quantum technologies through gamification and conduct your own research without any prior knowledge. Together we will build the future. Get Quantum!

Visit our interactive map and find out what awaits you at Q.AX!

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